Credits and acknowledgements

This guide is an initiative of the Beyond Plastic Medassociation, managed daily by Lucile Courtial. It is based on the experience of the InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu with Florent Kohler and Bénédicte Trabuc as spearheads, together with managing director Leslie Cherfils. Its production required the contributions of many: coordination and original by ConsultantSeas at the instigation of Diane Vaschalde and Marie Le Texier, assistance with design and layout by Brice Greffet from Deutan, contributions and technical assistance by Manon Sennechael and François Chartier-Kastler from InOff Plastic, supervised support for rollout by Daphné Duvernay and Eric Boutin from the IMSIC, scientific supervision by Jean-Marc Meurville, from the ENSAM.

Thanks to the many reviewers, guardians of the purpose of the guide and the coherence, for their occasional contributions, valuable core ideas, technical input and tips for readability: Sarah Batellier, Maïwenn Bégoc, Hector Gallet, David Le Louarn, Céline Renouard, Clélia Revelli, Claire Richard, Louise Rollet, Elodie Solal, Juliette Yeh.

Thanks to the members of the Business Club: companies, science committee and founding members.

The project enjoyed the financial backing of the Région Sud.

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Towards a zero single-use plastic hotel, toolkit method, Beyond Plastic Med association and ConsultantSeas, 2023

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