Marine litter monitoring in Islands : metholodogies and tools

Author : BeMed - Island, SMILO, MedWaves
Publication year : 2021
Languages : EN
Geographical areas : Not specified
Keywords : Certification, Clean ups, Island, Local context and awareness, Microplastics, Raising awareness, Replicable guidelines and feedback, Single-Use Plastic, Toolkit and technical sheets, Waste management, Webinar

The objectives of this workshop are to harmonize approaches for collection and identification of marine litter, to analyse data collected and organize beach clean ups and field actions ; to present a case study of one BeMed modular project related to experimentation and data collection ; to inform on the resources and tools available in this domain ; to support projects indisseminating targeted data and information, so it can be considered by relevant authorities ; and to receive feedback and to ensure a constructive exchange between the different BeMed projects and representatives of NGO’s and other Mediterranean projects currently working on this field.