The call for projects in the Mediterranean islands

With its call for projects, BeMed wished to reinforce the field actions already underway in the Mediterranean islands and to support projects that can achieve measurable impacts.

Our objectives


plastic pollution at source and its impact on the marine environment


the implementation of sustainable solutions


the capacities of local stakeholders and create partnerships


a dynamic among stakeholders and facilitate experience sharing

Targeted territories

The call for projects concerned the islands of the entire Mediterranean basin, with no priority given to size. These islands are particularly vulnerable to plastic pollution, which threatens their exceptional biodiversity and the living environment of local populations.

The challenges of managing and treating plastic waste are particularly acute on these territories, which are at the heart of the land-sea interface and of the waste transfer routes to the marine environment. However, they are also opportunities to develop and test concrete and innovative solutions to reduce plastic pollution, find sustainable alternatives, and raise awareness among inhabitants and visitors.

Our support

100 000 € maximum

100 000 €

30 % of expected co-financing

30 % of expected co-financing

24 months maximum

24 months

october 2020 september 2022

october 2020
september 2022