Our actions

Implement pilot projects

Implement pilot projects

We support our company members so that they work together to set up pilot actions in the field. These projects are based on field studies and are validated by our scientific committee. Our territorial and collective approach allows us to have a tangible impact on the entire Mediterranean region.

Facilitating the science-industry dialogue

Facilitating the science-industry dialogue

We facilitate dialogue between scientists and industry so that our members can ensure the relevance and effectiveness of their strategies. This dialogue allows companies to fill certain gaps in scientific knowledge but also to share their expertise and best practices with other members of the Club and the scientific world.

Our specificities

Our Mediterranean roots

Our Mediterranean

The semi-enclosed topography of the Mediterranean Sea makes it an ideal laboratory for research and testing solutions that can then be replicated in other geographical areas.

The strength of our network

The strength of
our network

The Club relies on the field experience of a large network of Mediterranean stakeholders who contribute to the development of our actions and their influence.

Our impact on the field

Our impact
on the field

Beyond theoretical research, the Club's goal is to deploy solutions in the field in order to prove their effectiveness and evaluate their potential for scalability and replicability.

Our scientific endorsement

Our scientific

All of our activities and the solutions we propose are validated by our committee of experts to ensure their relevance and consistency.

Our scientific comity

Stéphane BRUZAUD


Professor at the Dupuy de Lôme Reasearch Institut

Expertise :

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Teacher researcher at ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers)

Expertise :
Ecodesign and recycling

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Nathalie GONTARD


Research director and professor at INRA (Institut Nationale de Recherche Agronomique)

Expertise :
Packaging and their substitutes

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Jean François GHIGLIONE

Jean François

CNRS Director of research at at the Banyuls Microbial Oceanography Laboratory

Expertise :

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ENSAM Professor at the l’Institut Arts et Métiers of Chambery

Expertise :
Industrial creativity, eco-innovation

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