Resource Pack for Educators

Author : Nature Trust - FEE Malta
Publication year : 2021
Languages : EN
Geographical areas : Mediterranean
Keywords : Raising awareness, Replicable guidelines and feedback, Youth / school education

Nature Trust – FEE Malta has embarked in this project, Clean Seas by Eco-Schools Malta, aiming to develop an educational pack for educators to teach about marine pollution and biodiversity. The pack seeks to adapt to the various needs of learners in different school realities. Consequently, the pack provides a set of activities and resources that span various ages, learning abilities and curriculum subjects, while addressing the cross-curricular theme of Education for Sustainable Development. The pack was developed by teachers for teachers and is therefore sensitive to the needs and resources available at the grassroots hence improving the pack’s chances of implementation. The pack will be disseminated among all schools in Malta and Gozo and through the Eco-Schools global network. – Prof Paul Pace (Eco-Schools National Operator)