The white paper of the BeMed business Club

Author : Business Club - BeMed
Publication year : 2020
Languages : EN FR
Geographical areas : Mediterranean
Keywords : Business Club

Given its partly enclosed geography and the sheer scale of human activity focused there, the Mediterranean Sea, the cradle of our history, is particularly affected by plastic pollution.

In the face of this sad reality and the urgency of the situation, BeMed is proposing a collaborative response and inviting companies that want to commit to taking action to join its
Business Club. By bringing together companies of all sizes and from all sectors, NGOs renowned for their commitment to protecting the marine environment and scientists specialising in the issue of plastics, this Club has everything required to contribute practical, effective solutions on the ground. A forum for constructive dialogue between these various stakeholders, the BeMed Business Club promotes convergence towards solutions that meet the needs of industry and are environmentally friendly. We hope that you will enjoy reading this white paper, which will give you a better understanding of the scale of the problem we face and allow you to discover the responses that we are proposing.