Young People Committed to a Clean Adriatic Sea


Following the launch of the initiative “There is no plastic-free-Adriatic Sea without the cleaning of the Vjose River”, the Royal Albanian Foundation has implemented activities in the municipalities of Permet and Kelcyre. In particular, cleaning days of the Vjose River were organised with high school students from both municipalities. In addition to their importance in reducing plastic pollution in the Vjose and therefore in limiting the entry of plastic in the Adriatic Sea, these actions enable the involvement and the increased mindfulness of the youth. In parallel, discussions with local authorities have begun to improve waste management and recycling.

The project, which is the first plastic pollution control initiative in this region, has therefore been successfully launched.

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Mr Kastriot Korro, project manager of the “There is no free-from-plastic Adriatic Sea without the cleaning of the Vjose River” initiative (

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