18 products or packaging targeted by the pilot project


A first pilot project of the BeMed Business Club is deployed in the InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu. It aims to accompany the hotel to reduce single-use plastics by focusing on a few products in a short time. The pilot is positioned as a catalyst and a demonstrator that can be replicated in other hotels in the Mediterranean basin to take concrete action and prevent plastic pollution in a key economic sector in the region. Launched in June 2021, and after an initial diagnostic phase, the project enters its operational phase.

Following the development and implementation of a prioritisation methodology, 18 products or packaging have been selected to be considered during the project. Thus, the pilot hotel undertakes to carry out a reflection for the elimination, reduction or substitution of the toiletry kit (dental kit, shaving kit, manicure kit…), the courtesy tray in the room and some other food products/packaging, the children’s welcome kit, and the water bottles. The multi-stakeholder group formed by the Business Club and some of the project’s partners were able to discuss practices and possible alternatives on 8 December. Among the possible avenues, different levels of change are considered, ranging from a total overhaul of the way things are done (e.g. milk delivered in returnable bottles and served on demand in the room) to a simple substitution by another material (e.g. paper packaging rather than plastic). In all cases, the mobilisation of the scientific committee will ensure that no transfer of environmental impact will occur with the new solutions proposed.