Nestlé France, member of the BeMed Business Club !

Nestlé France joins the BeMed Business Club ! As a major player in the food industry, Nestlé France is striving for “zero environmental impact” in its operations, with specific targets including reusable or recyclable packaging and the reduction of virgin plastic use by 2025.
By joining the Club, Nestlé France is reaffirming its commitment to addressing the challenges posed by plastic pollution, in line with its vision that “none of our packaging, including plastic, should end up in nature or in landfill”. Nestlé is pursuing a three-pronged approach to this goal:

  • Developing new packaging,
  • Shaping a waste-free future,
  • Encouraging new behaviour.

The multi-stakeholder and multi-country collaboration within the BeMed Business Club is also in line with the international and partnership approach that is dear to Nestlé France. Participating in both the pilot project working group and the science-industry dialogue, Nestlé France will be able, among other things, to contribute to the exchange of experiences on the search for alternatives to single-use plastics and to benefit from scientific knowledge on recycling and on eco-design approaches to products.