BeMed launches a call for projects to reduce plastic pollution in the Mediterranean islands

Since 2017, BeMed has been committed to creating a regional dynamic to fight plastic pollution at source, through the support of small local projects. By strengthening the capacities of stakeholders in the field and bringing them together, BeMed facilitates the sharing of experience and the replication of good practices in the Mediterranean basin.

Today, BeMed wishes to go further by strengthening its impact at the level of the Mediterranean islands. Real tourist hotspots, they are strongly impacted by plastic pollution. However, their small geographical size allows us to hope for a faster impact of actions aiming at reducing plastic pollution on their territory.

This is why BeMed is today launching a call for projects aimed at reinforcing the efforts already underway to reduce plastic pollution on the Mediterranean islands. In order to ensure good complementarity with its Call for Micro-Initiatives launched each year in October, the projects targeted by this call will be of a larger scale and will last two years.

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The call is open until Sunday, June 21st, 2020.