BeMed opens an executive secretary position

Every year more than 229,000 tonnes of plastic waste are dumped in the Mediterranean, the equivalent of 500 containers a day. Faced with this situation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has asked the Tara Ocean Foundation, Mava Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe and IUCN to join forces and create the Beyond Plastic Med initiative. Become an association in 2019, BeMed fights against plastic pollution, by creating and supporting a network of actors committed to fight against this pollution, by mobilising the general public and more recently by also engaging industrialists in its search for efficient and sustainable alternatives to the use of plastic.

As part of the development of its activities, BeMed is opening a post of executive secretary.

Under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors, the executive secretary will be in charge of the animation, management and supervision of the Beyond Plastic Med association.

The detailed tasks of the executive secretary are :

Coordination of the BeMed association
·      Coordinate discussions on the association’s orientations and strategy ;
·       Ensure the recruitment (approved by the Board) and management of the association’s permanent and temporary staff;
·       Supervise financial management, accounting and audits in accordance with established procedures and in conjunction with the Administrative and Financial Assistant ;
·       Manage current financial agreements and contracts, in conjunction with the Administrative and Financial Assistant;
·       Ensure the steering and monitoring of external services, in conjunction with the administrative and financial assistant;
·       Representing the association with institutional partners, operators, suppliers, beneficiaries, public donors and sponsors;
·       Organising the meetings of the various decision-making bodies of the association (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Technical Committees).
Development of calls for projects and project monitoring
·       Supervise the development of calls for projects ;
·       Supervising and participating in the appraisal of projects for selection and coordinating the selection committee;
·       Supervising the monitoring of the projects supported by BeMed: analysis of the interim and final reports, relationship with the project leaders. 
Coordination of the BeMed Business Club
·        Coordinate all the Club’s activities;
·        Participate in the meetings of the Scientific Committee of the Club ;
·        Coordinating the Steering Committee of the Club ;
·        Coordinate discussions on the Club’s orientations and strategy.
Organisation of events (Monaco Ocean Week, awareness days, Corporate College events)
·       Supervise the organisation of events (reflection on the content, the process);
·       Supervise the logistical organisation of events ;
·       Coordinate and participate in the animation of events.
·       Develop communication and visibility activities with the support of other team members;
·       Administer the BeMed website in partnership with the company responsible for the development of the site;
·       Animating BeMed’s social networks in collaboration with the rest of the team.
 Scientific and technical expertise
·       Carry out scientific and technical monitoring: identification of problems, innovations, initiatives and partners of interest to BeMed;
·        Analysing projects submitted to BeMed: Formulating opinions on projects and applications.
Representation of BeMed and valuation of shares
·       Participate in symposia and meetings organised by partners and institutions ;
·       To present and promote BeMed’s actions and projects;
·       Develop relationships with project leaders, partners and experts;
·       Identify opportunities for fundraising and/or financial partnerships in relation to programmes and projects.

All the skills required are described in the job description that can be downloaded below.

The position is available from 1st February in Monaco. Salary according to experience.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to before 15 January 2021.