New commitments for the Vjose river


The initiative “There is no clean Adriatic from the plastic waste without the Vjose River clean of these wastes” continues to act around the Vjose river. Outreach and discussion workshops, coupled with a riverbank clean-up day, were organized by the Royal Albanian Foundation. During these discussions, representatives of the local authorities were invited to share ideas to protect the river against plastic invasion with the youth from the communes of Fier and Ballsh. Among the evoked ideas: the implementation of a cleaning day every 2nd of each month and the launch of a “shopping without a plastic bag” initiative. Local government officials also pledged to employ the help of the communities struggling most to improve the collection of plastic waste in the city. The construction of new waste treatment structures is also on the agenda.

For more information, contact:

Mr Kastriot Korro, project manager of the “There is no free-from-plastic Adriatic Sea without the cleaning of the Vjose River” initiative (

Mrs Lucile Courtial, BeMed coordinator (