Bring Plastic Free Agriculture to the table

Bring Plastic Free Agriculture to the table

This project aims to raise awareness and engage stakeholders in the agricultural sector to promote and implement traditional alternatives to plastic in Albanian agriculture. To achieve these objectives, the initiative will be broken down into 3 main areas :   

– Engaging stakeholders: extensive awareness raising and information on the dangers of plastic use in agriculture will be provided to farm managers, farmers and young people who may one day take over. Workshops will be organised to demonstrate the effectiveness of using traditional alternatives, such as willow crates.

To increase the impact of the actions and ensure the involvement of stakeholders, the Ministry of Agriculture will take part in the project by offering prizes to farmers who have eliminated the most plastic from their farms.

– Implementing alternatives: In order to monitor the elimination of plastic on farms and the implementation of alternatives, a label will be set up. In potato farms, which use a lot of plastic bags (packaging of tubers), traditionally knitted bags made of Xana flower will be distributed.

– Ensuring the sustainability of the actions implemented: young people likely to take over the farms will be involved from the beginning of the project. Communication on a wider scale will also be deployed, notably through cleaning activities.