Local knowledge and action on SUP in Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Local knowledge and action on SUP in Menorca Biosphere Reserve

In close collaboration with Save The Med & Ibiza Preservation, two organisations supported by BeMed in the framework of the call for projects in the Mediterranean islands, Menorca Preservation Fund wants to develop a plastic free certification in companies and businesses of different sectors.  

This project will take place in 3 phases:

1.           Contextual study: In order to better understand the context and the habits of plastic use, a survey will be carried out with inhabitants, municipalities and businesses. Workshops will also be organised with the aim of identifying the possible obstacles and levers present in the various shops for the successful implementation of the certification.

2.           Implementation of the certification: By offering this certification to companies and businesses in Menorca, the organisation hopes to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics. Businesses wishing to receive this certification will be accompanied by the Menorca Preservation Fund to implement it.

3.           Training of employers and employees on alternatives to plastic. This activity will ensure the sustainability and reinforce the impact of the actions implemented.