Re-Shape Plastic

Re-Shape Plastic

The association Skopelos Dive Center P.C. wishes to experiment a low-tech solution of waste recovery on the Sporades islands.

The project will start with the identification of the most common plastics found in the environment and produced by the population to better understand the types that can be recovered. To do this, waste characterizations will be organized during coastal clean-ups and the population will be encouraged to bring back their recyclable plastic waste.  

In order to set up a collection, sorting, shredding and cleaning process for these low-tech machines, the association will approach local stakeholders involved in plastic waste management.

The machines will then be presented to the general public during 6 events in Skopelos and Alonnisos. An idea competition will be launched to identify everyday products into which to transform waste. The remanufactured objects will then be marketed.

Finally, the organization will create a social cooperative enterprise involving committed local actors and businesses. Its objective will be to generate a positive impact on the environment and society. It will facilitate cooperation between actors, promote the sharing of experience and strengthen the impact of the project on the Sporades islands.