Together for zero plastic in Albanian Islands

Together for zero plastic in Albanian Islands

The project “Together for zero plastic in Albanian Islands”, led by a cooperation of institutions, aims to fight against plastic pollution on 10 Albanian islands and islets. The

aim of the project is to work with the different actors involved (municipalities, travel agencies, owners of bars and restaurants and beverage companies) to limit the production of waste on the islands and improve their management.

As a first step, the project plans to support the 6 municipalities administering the islands in the development of long-term management plans and to encourage the implementation

of new regulations. The associations will work with shop owners to replace certain plastics with traditional alternatives (baskets, wooden utensils, beach and willow umbrella lounges, etc.). Collaboration between owners of beach bars and beverage companies

will also be initiated to encourage the use of alternative packaging. In addition, a financial contribution will be offered to travel agencies for the transport of plastic waste from the islands to the collection areas of the municipalities. At the same time,

awareness campaigns for the general public and tourists will be carried out to accompany the implementation of the various activities. Students from the project’s partner universities will be actively involved in all project actions.

With the support of BeMed the association has already carried out another project