Junior Green Ambassadors’ Step to Zero Plastic: Plastic Free School

Junior Green Ambassadors’ Step to Zero Plastic: Plastic Free School

  • Association écotourisme environnement de Nabeul (ETE+)
  • eteplus5@gmail.com
  • May 2021 / October 2022
  • Tunisia

The initiative “Junior Green Ambassadors’ Step to Zero Plastic: Plastic Free School” is aimed at school children aged 7 to 13. The aim of this awareness-raising project is to create a local dynamic of schoolchildren who are strongly involved in sustainable development.

To this end, environmental clubs will be created in 5 schools. For all the schools, 16 pupils and 10 teachers will be selected to take care of and animate these clubs and become their ambassadors. The role of these clubs will be to train the ambassadors in a responsible culture towards the environment, to develop their environmental awareness and to introduce them to the objectives of sustainable development. The ambassadors will receive training on the issue of plastic waste and its management from the association, whose role is to pass on this knowledge to all the students who are members of the clubs.  They will also be very active in the field. In collaboration with the Tunisian Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment of Korba, they will take part in a hike to discover the biodiversity of the Korba lagoon as well as in a waste collection on the beach.

The ambassadors will then take part in a workshop with the aim of coming up with ideas for solutions to be applied in the school to reduce its plastic footprint. In particular, the association will support them in the implementation of selective sorting in their schools. The waste will be collected by the ragpickers and then sold for recycling.

The involvement of the ambassadors’ parents (participation in a zero waste picnic, training, etc.) will also allow the project to be extended beyond the school walls.