Lutte contre les sacs plastiques à usage unique


Lutte contre les sacs plastiques à usage unique

The goal of the initiative is to prevent single use plastic bag pollution through:

  • The production and commercialization of ecological reusable bags:

ADF will first carry out a market study to better understand the using habits and needs for reusable bags. The study will define the public to target as well as the distribution centers. Based on the results, ADF will create and test at least 3 reusable bag designs made from used materials such as recycled flour bags, advertising banners etc.. With the collaboration of craftswoman cooperative ADF will produce 1000 reusable bags.

  • The recycling/reusing of used plastic bags:

ADF will design and produce objects made from used plastic bags such as a decorative banner for the awareness-raising campaign.

  • Awareness-raising actions regarding the danger of plastic bags:

ADF will lead a large campaign in the major cities and seaside resort of the Moroccan Mediterranean coast and will distribute free reusable bags.