Stop the Plastic Flow

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Stop the Plastic Flow

The objective of the initiative is to identify the main sources of the plastic littering throughout Cyprus and to raise awareness and involve the public.

A Facebook page and a group with a new hashtag (#) will be created as a mapping tool for the public to put photos, videos, and reports. The plastic problem will then be visualized and mapped on open source maps. The map will help locate and monitor the problematic areas (mountains, river beds, beaches, etc.).

With seminars, workshops, beach clean-ups, and field visits, the public will be encouraged to utilize these tools while learning about the best practices in waste management and advocating for the implementation of waste legislations (such as the plastic bag legislation and the targets of 2020 and support the transition for the new waste directives).

Using the results of the visualization, Friends of the Earth Cyprus (FoE) will take part in the advisement of local authorities on the implementation of regulations and solutions.