The Mediterranean : Mare Plasticum

Author : J. Boucher et G. Billard, IUCN
Publication year : 2020
Languages : EN
Geographical areas : Mediterranean
Keywords : Data collection and harmonization, Mapping identification, Microplastics, Plastic leakages, Replicable guidelines and feedback, Science vulgarization, Single-Use Plastic, Toolkit and technical sheets
Extract of the document : “The main goal of this report is to fill knowledge gaps and contribute to the triggering of preventative and remedial actions in the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin. A first step towards action is to identify and quantify the most critical typesof plastics and plastic products discharged into the Mediterranean Sea. The report refines the estimates of the quantity of plastic currently floating into the Mediterranean, based on a compilation of data from field studies and using the footprint methodology to estimate the yearly input of plastic into the Mediterranean Sea. It also assesses the efficiency of a series of actions currently undertaken around the Mediterranean basin and, coupled with the modelling of hotspots for priority action, recommends targeted priorities for the countries bordering the sea.”