A Guide to honest alternatives to Single-Use Plastics for the hospitality industry

Author : Plastic Free Balearics
Publication year : 2022
Languages : EN
Geographical areas : Spain
Keywords : Advocacy & Regulation, Business, HoReCa, Impact transfer, Materials alternatives / change of model, Replicable guidelines and feedback, Single-Use Plastic, Waste management

How to put an end to false alternatives and reduce the environmental impact of the HORECA sector. 

This graphic guide is designed to inform in a synthetic, attractive, clear and above all practical way companies in the hospitality industry about the existing alternatives to single-use plastic. It provides detailed information on the lowest environmental impact alternatives, general principles to reduce plastic comsumption, advice to implement good practices and help to identify false alternatives.
The guide is based on an extensive research of the existing alternatives to SUP on the market, compared among them using the Index tool to measure its environmental impact.