Business Club Launch Conference

Author : BeMed
Publication year : 2020
Languages : FR
Geographical areas : Mediterranean
Keywords : Business Club

Monday 30 November 2020 from 2.30 to 3.30 pm  

The Mediterranean Sea concentrates more than 3000 billion particles of micro-plastics, which makes it the “most polluted sea in the world”. Faced with this sad fact and the urgency of the situation, BeMed proposes a collaborative response and invites companies who wish to react and commit to join its Business Club!  

By bringing together companies from all sectors and of all sizes, NGOs recognised for their commitment to the protection of the marine environment and scientists specialised in the plastic issue, this collective has all the assets to provide concrete and effective solutions on the ground. The member companies have already started work and are fully committed to the Club’s activities.  

After a presentation of BeMed recalling the actions carried out on the ground since 2015, the opportunity will be given to discover the ambitions carried by the Business Club as well as its members.