Guidelines to tackle SUP products in the mediterranean region

Author : UNEP, MAP and others
Publication year : 2021
Languages : EN FR
Geographical areas : Mediterranean
Keywords : Advocacy & Regulation, HoReCa, Materials alternatives / change of model, Science vulgarization, Single-Use Plastic, Toolkit and technical sheets, Tourism, Youth / school education
Extract of the document : “The proposed guidelines build on the review and lessons learnt of international cases, the work undertaken by key organisation on SUPs, and the fit-for-purpose information document. They intend to provide policy-makers with a common understanding of the set of measures that can be considered in developing the most appropriate framework to prevent the negative impacts of SUPs, including marine litter generation, in the signatory countries of the Barcelona Convention. They discuss and outline SUP of concern in the Mediterranean region, then the adequacy and feasibility of policy options and finally, the guidelines tackle the policy making process, including analysis and implementation. While these guidelines focus on the full process of decision making, from absence of actions to reduce SUPs to a comprehensive programme to tackle them, they can also be used to complement and strengthen actions in countries where the process is on-going. In fact, experiences show loopholes and obstacles in different countries and these guidelines intend to contribute in overcoming them.”