Methodological approach for an action plan for marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs

Author : Interreg Mediterranean, Act4litter
Publication year : 2017
Languages : EN
Geographical areas : Mediterranean
Keywords : Advocacy & Regulation, Data collection and harmonization, Replicable guidelines and feedback, Toolkit and technical sheets

Extract of the document : “The ACT4LITTER pilot action aims to support efforts towards tackling marine litter via the development of an action plan for marine litter management in your MPA. This document is a quick guide that will lead you through a step-by-step process for elaborating your own marine litter action plan. It will assist you along the way by providing a decision-making tool tailor-made to address the needs of your MPA, while also providing the necessary technical support for the implementation of the different phases of the pilot action. ACT4LITTER aims to facilitate efforts for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs through the development of effective and targeted measures. The main lines of actions of the ACT4LITTER project include: to strengthen networking of MPAs in defining a common framework of measures to combat marine litter; improve the management of Mediterranean MPAs through the definition of MPA- specific action plans; enhance the implementation of the relevant policy frameworks. It is an 18-month-long project funded by Interreg Mediterranean.”