Second meeting of the BeMed Community of Practice

On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, the second meeting of the Bemed Community of Practice took place, 3 months after the first meeting which was held on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.
The objective of this meeting was first of all to animate the community, to allow members to meet each other, to exchange on their projects, to discuss about the opportunities or challenges present in their geographical areas, to share success stories. We therefore organized a 15-minute “speed talking” (3 sessions of 5 minutes, each time with new pairs), where members were invited to meet and exchange on their respective projects.
Then, we had the pleasure of listening to Begoña Rodriguez Rueda and Khadija Demnati (AgroTech) talk about the different aspects of plastic pollution in the agricultural sector respectively in the Turkish and Moroccan contexts.
We then left time for questions and answers or debate to allow everyone to express themselves on the subject, and to answer their questions if necessary.
The result of this meeting? An hour and a half of sharing and learning, edifying presentations on the subject of plastic in agriculture, and everyone left with some ideas on how to fight plastic pollution!
Thanks again to all our members for their good mood and their commitment. And a special thanks to Begoña Rodriguez Rueda and Khadija Demnati (AgroTech) for their fascinating presentations.