Solutions for waste-free islands in the mediterranean

From 8 to 10 November, the BeMed Islands community met in the Frioul archipelago near Marseille for the event “Solutions for waste-free islands in the Mediterranean” organised by SMILO. This event marked the end of the capitalisation process initiated by projects supported by BeMed. 

The objective of this capitalisation is to allow the winners to collaborate on various topics related to plastic pollution: sustainable waste management, plastic prevention and circular economy. This capitalisation has made it possible to promote collaborations, transfers of methods, lessons and results, but also to integrate these projects into reflections at the local and regional levels. 

Two sessions took place in the framework of the CapiMed programme to conclude the call for projects in the islands.

The meeting of 9 November organised by CapiMed was reserved for the BeMed winners. On this occasion, two final publications were shared:

The group then worked on the “Frioul Declaration“. A document summarising the commitments made by the different members of the BeMed-Islands community to affirm their willingness to continue to act and collaborate for plastic pollution-free Mediterranean islands.

On 10 November, an event gathering all the participants of the SMILO meeting highlighted BeMed and its community in the islands as well as the main results of the projects. A discussion session then allowed to exchange on the ongoing and future actions in the islands in relation to the three main commitments taken by the BeMed community: (i) to consolidate the relationship with stakeholders, notably the private sector and public administrations, (ii) to scale up or replicate the initiatives in other islands/regions/countries and (iii) to participate in policy making, from the local to the global scale, to ensure that the specificities of the islands are taken into account