The BeMed Business Club looks to Italy!

The BeMed Business Club is very pleased to welcome illycaffè, the first Italian member of the Club! By adopting the status of Società Benefit in 2019, the Italian company known worldwide for its coffees, affirms its positioning towards the creation of value that must be aligned with a positive impact for society and for ecosystems. illycaffè’s strategy focuses on three areas including agriculture, quality of life for people, and the circular economy. Thanks to their commitments they have received the BCorp Certification in April 2021!  The company is also pursuing the goal of carbon neutrality by 2033. By joining the Club, illycaffè is committed to specifically contributing to efforts to reduce plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. As part of the pilot project ‘Towards a zero-plastic single-use hotel’, the issue of coffee pods will thus be able to be raised alongside a new member of the sector! illycaffè will also be able to integrate and benefit from the dynamics of science-industry dialogue.