A busy year-end for the Business Club !


On 8 and 9 December BeMed was in Paris for the last workshop of the year of the Business Club.

In a place in perfect coherence with the work of the day, the House of Zero Waste, we were able to meet with the majority of our members. This day of work, as intense as it was enriching, marked the end of a year equally rich in learning and meetings. It enabled us to make progress on the work in progress and laid the foundations for the exchanges to be continued in 2022.

Initially, companies, scientists and NGOs, members of the Club, came together to evaluate possible practices and alternatives to single-use plastic products targeted by the InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu – the scene of the pilot project. These products included the toiletry kit, the courtesy tray and the welcome gifts for children. The participants did not hesitate to take on the role of customers or hotel staff members in order to list all the possible arguments.

In the second half of the day, some participants took part in the exercise of imagining the supermarket of 2040, while others took part in a world coffee to start the research phase for a flexible multi-material bag in an eco-design approach.

To close the meeting, the collective formalised the principles and values that make the strength of the BeMed Business Club. This will give us a great outlook on the content and form of the work to come, with a reaffirmed commitment from everyone.

The next day, we were lucky enough to be invited to Pantin to visit the warehouse of LemonTri, partner of the Club for the pilot project. It was an opportunity to get out in the field, to get a closer look at what the sorting, collection and recycling supply chain looks like, and to learn more about their missions!

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