BeMed takes part to the IUCN World Conservation Congress !

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is where the world comes together to set priorities and guide actions for conservation and sustainable development. The Congress has three main components: the Members’ Assembly, where IUCN Members vote on priority actions; the Forum, a global space dedicated to innovation and conservation science; and the Exhibition, where exhibitors can showcase their work to Congress participants and the public.

BeMed participates in the Congress!

04 Sep 2021: 19h-21h room H3 Mediterranean solutions – Networking to achieve zero plastic pollution in the Mediterranean
What can we do to reduce the plastic problem in the Mediterranean? How can we better share initiatives and start developing a common action plan? Join us in an event to discuss the call to action developed by the Southern Region and IUCN to achieve zero plastic pollution in the Mediterranean.

05 Sep 2021: 19h-21h Le bunker des calanques – Toward a plastic-Free Mediterranean (by invitation only)
Come and discover the latest work on plastic pollution in the Mediterranean and solutions to reduce plastic at its source.

This session will highlight and share successful island solutions to build resilience to climate change and contribute to global conservation, inspiring other territories to replicate the innovative best practices implemented by islands.

07 Sep 2021: 9:00 – 10:30 am room H8-8 Pyrenees From science to action: Innovative solutions to tackle ocean plastic pollution
With contributions from experts from the Plastic Odyssey expedition, Veolia, Onet and BeMed, the session will highlight the IUCN-UNEP national guidelines for the plastic pollution hotspot and focus on local, regional and global initiatives with concrete actions to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

07 Sep 2021: 15:30 – 16:15 room H3 Mediterranean solutions – Regional small-grant programmes for conservation and civil society empowerment in the Mediterranean
Small grants programmes are important actors in conservation in the Mediterranean. Should all funding be important or does small-scale funding have value? Partnerships that support small grants seem to be growing – why, who are they and what approaches do they take? What role do they have in the future of conservation?

09 Sep 2021: 14:00 – 16:00 Online – From science to action: Innovative solutions to tackle ocean plastic pollution

In the framework of the ICO Solutions Event (Island Coast Ocean) organised in the margins of the IUCN Congress, SMILO (Small Islands Organisation) and SCP/RAC are organising a round table with the winners of the BeMed calls for projects.
Three themes will be addressed:

  • Improving waste management
  • Understanding and following the regulations
  • Reuse and find alternatives to plastic