Presentation of the Frioul declaration at the MARLICE Forum

On March 7 and 8, 2023 was held the MARLICE – International Forum on Marine Litter And Circular Economy in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. BeMed Islands was represented by Sylvain Petit (SMILO) and Pedro Fernandez Bautista (MedWaves) who intervened during the discussions on the topic of Governance, in order to share their experiences within CapiMed, as well as all the efforts made to achieve the signing of the Frioul declaration.

As a reminder, on November 10, the BeMed-Islands community met in Marseille in the Frioul archipelago during the event “Solutions for waste-free islands in the Mediterranean” to collaborate and exchange on various topics related to plastic pollution.

This session led to the drafting of the “Frioul Declaration”. This document aims to summarize the commitments made by the various members of the BeMed Islands community to affirm their willingness to continue to act and collaborate for Mediterranean islands without plastic pollution.

As a reminder, the 5 commitments listed in the Frioul Declaration are as follows :

  • Continue to work and grow within the BeMed Community of Practice, transferring knowledge and establishing partnerships with related initiatives ;
  • Strengthen the relationship with key stakeholders, in particular the private sector and public administrations ;
  • Continue to promote the results of the different projects to other NGOs, public administrations and the private sector ;
  • Replicate and expand the reach of good practices and success stories to other islands/regions/countries through partnerships ;
  • Participate in policy discussions, both at the local and global level, ensuring that the specificities of each island are taken into account, through awareness campaigns, public hearings, publication of opinion pieces, etc.

We are very pleased to see the efforts led by the BeMed-Islands Community highlighted and taken as an example in the MARLICE forum, and hope that this presentation will be the source of other similar initiatives in other regions.